RIOT ART GALLERY: A curated selection of art for the next generation collector


We know how hard it is to find cool art.

That's why Riot Art Gallery was born. With Riot Art you can buy cool, original artwork from emerging artists. We work directly with artists to curate pieces that infuse  the ideal mix of quality, coolness and thought-provoking subject matter. 



The art world can be overwhelming. With so many works available it can be difficult to discover and acquire the art you love.  Our advisory service is here to help you. Not only will we help you discover your tastes, but we will also source, curate and advise you on starting acquiring your first artwork.  Check out our Advisory page for more information. On a budget? We have a great selection of work under €500! Plus, payment plans are available!



Art Under €2000

"Achille" by Heloise Delegue

"Achille" by Heloise Delegue


"Pouring stars in your eyes I" by Trendafila Trendafilova

"Pouring stars in your eyes I" by Trendafila Trendafilova


"Gossip Girl" by Vanessa Brunicardi

"Gossip Girl" by Vanessa Brunicardi

On a budget? Now you can purchase your favourite artwork over time. Any purchase over €500 will qualify for a monthly payment plan, available for as low as 10% of the list price until payment is complete. Contact us for more info!


For the next generation art collector

Our mission is to step out from the closed, white cube mindset and help YOU acquire original artwork. We feature art that brave, bold, wild, illuminating, or emotionally detailed.

Riot Art was founded in 2015 in Paris, France by Erika Belavy, a photographer, globe-trotter, avid yogi and advertising guru. Erika was tired of seeing so many of her talented, artistic friends slave away at cafés while her corporate friends were putting prints from home decor conglomerates on their walls. She wanted to bridge the gap between them. 

As a strong believer in the power of art and the internet to raise consciousness in the world, Erika works primarily with artists who would otherwise be marginalised or underrepresented, creating a platform for diversity and activism within the arts.