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coco wasabi

Keep Smiling with Coco Wasabi

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It's a wild world. Thankfully there artists like Coco Wasabi out there, who know how to touch on relevant issues in a way challenges our views, while brining smiles to our faces. Currently based out of Barcelona, Coco has created a bunch of new works, and we're delighted to showcase them here for your viewing pleasure! 

"Keep Smiling" by Coco Wasabi

"Keep Smiling" by Coco Wasabi

An explosion of contrasts: An interview with the fabulous Coco Wasabi

InterviewsErika BelavyComment

Coco Wasabi... the name says it all! Her collages are an unexpected explosion of class and spice, making everything that exists shatter, whilst creating a new order. It is in harmony, and without a hint of boredom that her work is created, generating stylistic breakthroughs and indulging the viewer in a game of depth and perspective. She confidently approaches each topic, no matter how explosive, to lay it bare in front of the audience.