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Remember Me.... - New works by Litto

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This new series by Litto is inspired by the profile images of the people who died in recent terror attacks. Given the rise in superhero films since 9/11, the artist encourages us remember those that lost their lives, not as victims, but as superheroes or legends.

"Batman". Oil and acrylic on canvas. 80 x 80 cm.

"Batman". Oil and acrylic on canvas. 80 x 80 cm.

Litto is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. She plays with different mediums from digital to analogue. In most of her current work she uses this RGB color palette as a reference of our digitalized world. 

View the series here.

All of the paintings work with augmented reality using the Artivive app.

Sex, Love and RGB Colours - Digital Glitch Art by Litto

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Vienna-based Litto is a prime example of someone who left the shackles of society behind in order to pursue her life's passion. After years of experience crafting her skills as a User Experience and Web Designer, she decided to do art full-time. It was her love in the vast world of art that captivated her and since 2014 she has dedicated her life to this craft. Litto's art deals with the taboo issues around the physical and psychological limits of experience.... Sexy digital glitch in kaleidescope of colours!