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The wildly colourful and expressive paintings of Marta Zawadzka

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Dive into the vivid colour palettes of Marta Zawadzka with a selection of new works! Based out of Warsaw, Marta's work can only be described as wildly intense expressionist abstractions inspired by distant travelled lands. She draws inspiration from her urban surroundings in the production of all of her work, focusing on the importance of pleasure in harmony for the viewer. Did we mention Slash from the Guns N' Roses is among her collectors? Yes, we can see her soul singing!

Your artwork is so colourful and dynamic. What inspires you?

People, the sea, architecture and traveling all inspire me... but I think colours and dynamism arise from my character. I love positive emotions, it's my goal in art and in life. In my opinion art is not for self-therapy or nightmares but for the singing of the soul.

I try to travel as much as possible, to be surround wonderful people ... and be in the colours to behave with optimism. The situations are not always easy (haha) but I want enjoy life not fight with life.

How did you decide to become an artist? 

It just happened (haha). Painting and more sensitive perception was always within me. I chose a degree in architecture to combine my two passions of painting and mathematics. I worked as a teacher of painting and architecture .... over time I started to focus more and more on painting. It was a very natural process.

I have always been interested in art, painting, "culture"... In my family is a legend: that I was holding a pencil and "drew" with passion, earlier than I started walking. So that was my greatest passion and still is.

What is your process when starting a new painting? 

The first step is the "mental preparation". For example, when I am doing a portrait, I try to get some information about that person :) The second step is to start painting. I don't do a few trial sketches. There is no plans for the final result. I just paint and wait until the picture itself emerges! The final stage is fixing and balancing each stain.

Which superpower would you have and why?

Teleportation, to see more :) ...and to be able to see four primary colours (not three basic colours as most of the people, or two colours as colour-blind people) so that I can see more :)


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Marta Zawadzka was born in 1981 in Bialystok, Poland and currently lives and works in Warsaw. Using her background in art and architecture as well as her extensive experiences in design Marta favours working in large scale with her paintings and installations.

Marta has worked with mega brands such as Samsung, Grolsch, Ikea and Chanel and has acquired recognized clients from all over the globe such as Slash from Guns N' Roses. She has been featured as one of the top 25 Emerging Artists to watch on Saatchi Art. Her was exhibited during the Grand Prix Formula One 2016 in Mexico and Singapore. Today her works can be seen in galleries in the UK, USA, Holland, Singapore, Belgium, Mexico, France and Poland.