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A Kaleidoscope of dreams and nightmares: The collages of Melancholie (Mit Monstern)

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Founded in Milan and now based out of Berlin, Melancholie (mit Monstern) is the artistic duo Nicola and Riccardo. Together they create the most breathtaking collages, but their work is not limited canvas. They have worked on a very cool project creating collage on human bodies and have even produced a very hypnotizing videoMelancholie represents the gothic, suspended, metaphysical and ironic side of images and things.

How did you decide to work in collage?

Nicola: The project Melancholie (mit Monstern) was born on a rainy Fall 3 years ago. Actually since I was a child I had an imagination and attraction to the kaleidoscopic world of shapes and colours combined together… giving shape to my dreams or nightmares and touch them through physical representation. 

What inspires you?

Nicola: The process of inspiration is something cathartic and not easy to explain: shapes, colors, history, literature, a feeling of joy, of pain, the face of a friend, an old picture, even noise … everything around me is challenging. 

Tell us about your creative process?

Nicola: The creative process starts as soon as the suggestion took shape in my mind. I go straight to the canvas and try to reproduce it as I saw it floating in my mind. Paper, scissors and glue are my allies and they help me to give birth to this shape. An idea that once was uncertain and elusive becomes clear by touch and I find this process

What do you seek to accomplish with your work? How are you doing this?

Riccardo:  With our work we would like to create an imaginary world that is knowable. We would like people looking at pictures and saying: " Oh..that looks like a Melancholie (mit Monstern) collage!". 

I think it's possible when your artwork could reach a wider audience and apply to different areas. That's why we have experienced the use of our works with photography, theatre and fashion. 

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Riccardo: Superior intellect would give me an amazing mind that could somewhat give me other superpowers.. I could build machines that could enable me to fly, move super-fast, lift heavy objects, the ability to transport myself, along with nearby people or objects, to another place, etc. It would be all the superpowers in one. Other than that, be able to speak every language in the world. Of course, this is what I believe to be the most "powerful" superpower.