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The Mystical Heroines of RADA

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We have the great pleasure of introducing you to the magically colourful works of Rada! Saturated in symbolism, Rada’s works are based on strict classical composition and rhythm, yet her color palette is full of energy, her heroines are mysterious, and her style is boldly expressive.

Rada’s art explores the female archetypes that doze in the depths of ancient memory of all women. Her paintings depict the silhouettes of goddesses, the force of motherhood and the power of female loneliness. Rada invites the audience to journey through the evolution of a women’s soul: from young maiden to wise old woman through seemingly unconnected symbols.

In 2016 Rada won an award from the President of the Russian Academy of Arts. She is a member of the International Federation of Artists. Her works have been exhibited and are held in private collections across Europe, the UK, China and Canada. We had a chat with Rada to learn more about her work and what inspires her…

What made you decide to become an artist? 

I grew up in a bohemian atmosphere. My mother was an artist. I spent a lot of time in the circle of adult creative people. She took me to exhibitions, however, they made me bored at the time. Traditional art did not fascinate me. When I was ten years old, I saw big posters on the streets of our city. They announced a new exhibition brought by the French artist Pierrick Sorin. For the first time, I went to the exhibition alone. That day I learned that art could be different. I liked this art. It was not just professional copying of contemplation of nature and still life. It was creating a dialogue with the viewer. It was interactive, in a way that made you want to participate. It was art that developed imaginative thinking and the need for aesthetic art philosophy. It was the desire for dialogue with society, especially its female part that prompted me to create my own visual language. 

Altar del Amor, Oil on Canvas.

Altar del Amor, Oil on Canvas.

Tell us more about your work. What inspires you? 

My art explores the process of individuation of the female soul. How does this process change over time? How do political, social, psychological aspects influence it? How does the relationship between women contribute to the process of awareness of one's personality? 

The moment from which the woman's journey begins - I call "Awakening". Based on my experience, I study the interaction of women within the space of the unconscious. I draw the women with attention to the system of symbols created by this space. Through dreams, diaries, meditation. I show the introduction of a symbolic language in the life of a woman when she is ready for an "awakening". I tell women about their strength, beauty, individuality, independence and significance through my work. It doesn’t matter where they will discover my work: on the Internet, gallery space or on the street. I want my art to become like a lighthouse for a woman. Proof that she is on the right path. Also, an alarm for the souls that haven’t awakened yet. My art is one of the auxiliary mechanisms for a woman in the process of realizing herself as a Goddess. 

I feel the strongest flow of inspiration alone with nature. I like to spend a lot of time in parks, forests, fields, botanical gardens. There I feel the presence of the Great Goddess - Mother Earth. I feel like I'm renewed and filled in the bosom of nature. I believe that nature can cure a woman's soul. Its rhythms and forms are capable of suggesting direction and giving advice. Like anywhere, when I am interacting with nature, I hear myself. When I am immersed in water, inhaling the fragrance of flowers or in the process of sketching, new ideas come to me. The second source of inspiration is people. Their origin, history, destiny, childhood memories and emotions. Their appearance: beauty, individuality, poses and forms of their bodies. The third source is magic. Sacred objects born of the union of human and space. Symbols are guides to otherworldly unexplored worlds. As existing in parallel, and deep in the subconscious of the people themselves. By combining these three sources of inspiration, I create a magical visual world. 

What is your artistic process? 

Creating artwork is a deep meditation and an endless thought process. The idea of the plot can arise from anything: words, sound, image, history, refraction of light, sleep, etc. However, it develops when I turn to my soul, which holds the key to the space of the unconscious. I seem to be in a huge file cabinet, in the storage of options. Sometimes I just watch a movie. I never know what will happen in the end. Symbols, themselves, manifested in my works and built into the necessary artistic composition. This is a magical process. I keep a diary of dreams and visions. It helps me build a symbolic puzzle and reveal its meaning. 

Each time this happens in different ways. Sometimes one manifested symbol dictates a plot, as if it asks to tell its story. Another time, the idea of the plot appears and I'm looking for ways to interpret it. Also, it happens in the beginning where I know the name and the main motives of the composition. I can only reproduce it. In the process of realization, my characters are talking to me. They tell me their names and what subjects must surround them inside the picture. I have to be both a receiver and a translator at the same time. The only thing I must do is to listen carefully to them and myself. This is an amazing and exciting process. I'm happy to be not only an artist, but also a translator of the magic language. 

Capitolina, Oil on Canvas. 

Capitolina, Oil on Canvas. 

What do you want to accomplish with your work? How are you doing this? 

My job is “I”. My purpose in life is creation. Filling and improving myself, I improve my work. On the contrary, improving my work - I improve myself. I'm experimenting with shape, volume, style. Attention to what is happening around dictates the development of my art. Now I want to get out of two-dimensional space. I work on large projects consisting of sculptures, art objects, visual and video materials. This year I came out with my art on the streets. I introduced visual elements into the space of the city for more popularization of my ideas. I'm trying to maximize the implementation of projects exploring the history of women. For this, I'm looking for interactions with galleries and residences. I participate in grant projects. I want my art to be useful for women and for world. Later I want to collect, support and promoting the art of women artists. I want to open a museum with a collection of fine art that tells the story of a woman's society.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

I love people. I'm interested in how they are thinking, communicating, reacting. When I see people on the streets or in a cafe, I imagine how to be this person. What is his character, history, the work of his life, the sense of world and himself in it? If I chose a superpower, I would choose a transformation. I could have turned into a little bug if I wanted. I would sit down with other people of interest to me. I would learn how they treat the world differently. I could be present at discussions and conversations of professionals from different areas. Also in my super power was a mandatory function. I could understand people in all the languages of the world. 

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