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Confronting your inner battles with Ana Mrovlje

NewWorkErika Belavy

We have the great pleasure of introducing the Peacestool by Ana Mrovlje. Ana is a visual artist and is currently studying psychoanalysis out of Slovenia. The concept of the Peacestool was to build a monumental piece made out of the Great War's fundamental item: the bullet. The Peacestool, however, is not made out of bullets themselves, but out of what is left by the bullet after the action of shooting (the bullet shell). The stool materializes nearly 3000 echoes of gunshots. 

The experience of the chair is loud in its silence. The dirty-gold throne of peace leaves a strong impression as it confronts the viewer. It serves as a platform, a provoking space for a visitor to sit down, contemplate and focus on the present, on their inner battlefields. An important aspect that Ana explores in the project is the existence of the personal monument, the blueprint within us, which refers to our archetypical heritage as humanity. It is hard to deny that the death drive, Thanatos, is deeply imprinted in us when wars are being fought. She suggests that as long as the battles in oneself is excessively fought, the peace in the society remains an illusion. 

For Ana, the installation is a memorial, a place to remember the past and to rethink the human irony of “fighting for peace”. 


Specializing her studies in both visual arts and psychoanalysis, Ana Mrovlje draws on ideas and subjects related to the unconscious mind and its encapsulation in the human body. Her aim is to trigger a seemingly unconnected chain of associations in a person's interchangeable perception and offer them a distinctive synthesis in the artwork itself. Each work is a transformative encounter, binding the materialized work with the content. In her work, she provokes the lines drawn between the constructed social perspectives and the prevalent standpoints of individuals by reflecting on the blind spots of both. She is interested in how individual's sanity is related to the collective insanity. By revealing psychological correlations between social phenomena and individual development she tries to empower the viewer to realize their own impact on the world. Ana is currently based out of Slovenia. 


2016 B#SIDE WAR, Trieste

2016 DRUGI, Universal Atelier of Street Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016 Venice International Performance Week, C32 Workshop series

2016 UNESCO International Art Education Week

2016 YOU ARE A REFUGEE Lose Your Labels Carrozzerie N.o.t. Rome, Italy

2015 READ MY LIPS Gallery space Central Station, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2015 PEACESTOOL Sessel Festwoche, Hallein, Austria

2015 INTIMATENESS Gallery ECONTEMPORARY, Trieste, Italy (solo)

2015 WERKSHAU Alte Saline, Salzburg-Hallain, Austria

2015 PRIMAVERA Gallery of Fine Art Association Maribor, Slovenia

2015 ARTEFATTO_RESET Palazzo Gopchevich, Trieste, Italy