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Exploring Consciousness in the objects of reality - Trendafila Trendafilova

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We are pleased to present the stunning works of Trendafila Trendafilova. She is a young artist that is able, with a few brushstrokes, to evoke a Picassian, childish style of rare power. Trendafila's work is a depiction of her artistic transformation, an experimental self-expression through color, line and form, inspired by the presence of surrounding objects and humans. Colours and shapes are muscular and seem to explode from the canvas’ natural borders, all in a bi-dimensional representation that flattens reality down into a postcard of emotions. Their emotional reflection, in combination with the space of the here and now, the minimalism of time, explores a longing for experimentation and deformation of consciousness, colour and vibration.

What made you decide to become an artist?

Every tiny expression of pure beauty around me, which awakens my feeling and senses, which makes my soul explode with delight every time. This feeling alone has given me the need to subsequently express this 'explosion of the senses' through art.

Tell us more about your creative process. What inspires you?

The creative process - The sacred time of transportation and grounding, invisible and divine, to the human visible level. My paintings are a mirror of my underworld and personal revelation. The sounds of nature, the silence of the subjects, the lack of the human presence, while I have the knowledge that it is somewhere, are my big inspirations for art.

MIROM, 80 x 85cm. Oil on Canvas.

MIROM, 80 x 85cm. Oil on Canvas.

What do you want to accomplish with your work? How are you doing this?

I don't need to achieve something specifically in my work. I let the natural process of creating to be my guide - the process dictates the outcome. All I seek to accomplish is to portray only the truth onto my canvas.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

If I had a superpower, I would unlock the divine potential of every human being... and send them on a trip into space, to see and figure out all this crazy chaos which they created.

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Trendafila Trendafilova - Persefi Eskes was born in 1989. She is currently completing her MFA at the National Academy of Art in Bulgaria. Her work invites the viewer to observe the silent presence of objects devoid of their meaning and use. She has won several awards and her work has been exhibited throughout Eastern Europe. She is currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


2014 - Participation in CONTEMPO Festival for contemporary art, Bulgaria, Varna

2013 - Summer academy in Austria. First prize for diploma work by The academy of fine arts Sofia. Group exhibition Wittgenstein House, Vienna, Austria

2013 - Solo exhibition in “Red Pony” Gallery, Plovdiv

2012 - First prize winner of “National biennial of drawing" UBA

2011 - "3D Act" Project, Bulgarian Institute of Culture, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 - Solo exhibition "Studio with garden and a window", "Plastelin" Gallery, Sofia

2011 - Solo exhibition "GR6" Gallery, Sofia