RIOT ART GALLERY: A curated selection of art for the next generation collector


Erika Belavy

So it's the second day of summer and we couldn't think of a better way to embrace this new season than with a launch.

Here's the deal. Every week, RIOT ART will bring you a new featured artist for your visual pleasure. We've been searching high and low for some of the coolest emerging talent we could find and, boy, have we got some eye candy for you!

We're pleased to bring you our first featured artist, GORSAD, a Kiev-based trio, which works in provocative banter-style. They are fond of unusual characters who don’t fear to live by their own rules and try to photograph them whenever they get the chance. Their images are fresh, bold, provoking, yet still beautiful and breathtaking. Having done exhibitions in Berlin and Malmo, counting multiple publications (Dazed & Confused Magazine, Vice Magazine, Kaltblut, to name a few)  and taking over the world, Gorsad are one of the most satisfactory discoveries in the photography field of today!

We've got a unique selection of limited edition prints that would probably look awesome above your sofa, in your kitchen, in your bedroom, at your (not too corporate) office... anywhere you've got a blank wall. Their art work is sure to add some edge to your room (and your life).

Taxes and shipping rates have been established for most countries, but if you are having any troubles, drop us an email ( we'll make sure you get this awesome artwork delivered to your door.

Happy hunting.