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Flirting with the surreal - Brazilian Artist Gabriel Centurion

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With works entitled "I feel my belongings were substituted by identical copies" and "Our sandglass is running and we don’t know how many grains are still left" Brazilian artist Gabriel Centurion  immediately caught our attention! He is a self-proclaimed fan of everything Kitsch. By using vivid colours and portraying trite characters in destabilized environments, Gabriel forces us to review our definition of 'normal’ while transforming his and our reality.  Although there is a lot of humour in his paintings overall, melancholy seems to dominate the characters.  His work is the outcome of the conflict between the information that he collects and assimilates along with his personal memory. The resulting painting flirts with the surreal and far-fetched. 

What made you decide to become a painter?

I've always loved painting, its historical value and in classic art history. My choice for this language was natural. I first became interested in the matter, ink paste, physically mix the elements to create the colours. Then I became interested in the history of painting itself and relevance it has on civilization. For me paintings have a very particular status, and this appealed to me.

What inspires you?

The world around me inspires me, relations between people inspire me, my memories inspire me.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is linked to memory, my personal memory and the memory of the images that I collect. The starting point of the creative process is the conflict between the information generated by other people, which I collect, and my personal memory.

The information which comes to me may be pieces of conversations; photographs, stories, advertisements or something I saw on the street. By collecting this information, I assimilate a "large universal memory", available and shared, which crosses my "small personal memory".

What impact do you seek to accomplish with your work?

This is an internal demand, I create these paintings simply because I need to.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Perhaps to make people see things with the perspective of another person.



Gabriel is a Brazilian visual artist now based in Berlin, Germany. He completing his studies in Visual Arts from Campinas State University in 2003. Today his work has been shown in several exhibitions both in Brazil and abroad. 

Solo Exhibitions

2014: Caverna Kitsch, Centro Culturale de Caixa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2011: Pictures of a floating world, Galeria Artur Fidalgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2010: Machorama, Adamastor Center, Guarulhos, Brazil

Group Exhibitions

2013: XVII Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal

2011: About Change - Wrestling With The Image, Museum of the Americas,
Washington, USA

2010:  Fidalga studio in the Palace of Arts, Palace of Arts, Sao Paulo 38th Salon of Contemporary Art Luiz Sacilotto, Santo André

2009: Technical jury prize in the 9th Exhibition of Visual Arts in Guarulhos


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