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Sex, Love and RGB Colours - Digital Glitch Art by Litto

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It's been an intense week following the recent terror attacks. Though we put our weekly feature on hold last week, this week we're back and we want to remind you to LIVE! Sure we can complain that it's a Monday, we're tired and hungover and we want the weekend to come back. But if anything these attacks need to serve as a reminder that life is too short not to cherish even the coldest of Mondays. So turn up the volume on your speakers. Dance. Scream. Laugh out loud. Laugh louder! Dress up. Be fabulous. Play with fire. Quit your job. Flirt. Be naughty. Go on vacation. Embrace your freedom. Try something new. LIVE. LOVE. MAKE LOVE. Because after all, love is what this world needs most.

So without further ado, we bring you the work of Vienna-based Litto. She's a prime example of someone who left the shackles of society behind in order to pursue her life's passion. After years of experience crafting her skills as a User Experience and Web Designer, she decided to do art full-time. It was her love in the vast world of art that captivated her and since 2014 she has dedicated her life to this craft. Litto's art deals with the taboo.... Digital glitch takes a naughty turn in neon colours! 

If you're in or around Vienna on 4 December make sure to check out her exhibition!

What made you decide to become an artist?

I started doing glitch art when I was confronted by the fact that print is dead and web and mobile are rising stars. This was in 2011 after graduating from Design College. At that time I was wondering if it is possible to manipulate a picture by changing it’s fundamentals – it’s code. After experimenting and researching glitch artists I realised that there was something missing – the connection to print and real surfaces. So I decided to find a way to transform a digital glitch into a real painting and started doing glitch art on canvas.

What inspires you?

Artists like Maria Lassnig, Egon Schiele, Jenny Saville, Gerhard Richter; disorders, real people, psychological and physical limits.

What do you want to accomplish with your work? How are you doing this?

Let people break out of their comfort zone by confronting them with extremes and unusual scenes of reality.

What is your artistic process?

There are three stages. The first stage is the real act, e.g. models interacting sexually with each other. In this stage, I collect pictures and sketches to create my visual note. The second stage is the glitch. Manipulation of image through code. In this stage coincidence takes over. The last step is the transformation from digital to analogue  - the act of painting. I use the intensity of RGB colors to create the feeling on canvas.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

To be fearless in order to experiment beyond my limits.

Shop Litto's work here.