RIOT ART GALLERY: A curated selection of art for the next generation collector



WhAT? is an online platform where you can buy cool, original artwork directly from international emerging artists.  All of the art on this site is specifically curated to ensure the right mix of quality, coolness, and thought-provoking subject matter. No more to generic prints or sifting through hundreds of pages of art. 

Our mission is to step out from the closed, white cube mindset and help YOU acquire original artwork. We feature art that brave, bold, wild,  illuminating, or emotionally detailed. 

Riot Art: For the next generation art collector.

How it all began...

Riot Art was founded in 2015 in Paris, France by Erika Belavy, an artist, globe-trotter, veteran burner and former advertising guru. Erika was tired of seeing so many of her talented, artistic friends slave away at cafés while her corporate friends were putting prints from home decor conglomerates on their walls. She wanted to bridge the gap between them.

Together with a fellow Riot Artist, Caroline, a prototype of Riot Art was created. The project was well received and won the Hyper Island start-up of the year prize. As a result, Riot Art was officially born.